North Berwick Day Centre 10th Birthday Party and New Bus Launch on Saturday 21 March 2015.

The following photographs were kindly taken and supplied by Ian Goodall. A report on the day follows below the photographs and then there are links to 10 videos of this special day.

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The North Berwick Day Centre held its 10th Birthday Party on Saturday 21 March 2015. The new bus, which fundraising in 2014 had raised over £60,000, was also formally launched, after receiving delivery from the manufacturer, Treka Bus Ltd of Brighouse, West Yorkshire  during the previous week.

The party was open to anyone with special invitations being sent to people who had specifically supported the Day Centre since it opened, and who had helped raise the money for the new bus.

The celebrations started with a welcoming introductory speech from Elma Danks, Chair of the North Berwick Day Centre Management Committee. This was followed by speeches from Provost Ludovic Broun-Lindsay, Fiona O'Donnell - MP and Iain Gray - MSP.

A 10th Birthday celebration cake had been baked, and this was cut jointly by Sir Hew Hamilton-Dalrymple, who had cut the cake when the Centre opened 10 years previously, and Ella Aikman, one of the longest serving members of the Day Centre.

The focus then transferred to outside, where the new bus was sitting with a ribbon tied around it. The ribbon was jointly cut by Bruce Farrell, another long serving member of the Day Centre, and Sheila Sinclair, Chair of the North Berwick Community Council.

Many people then adjourned to the Day Centre for teas, coffee, pancake and scones, as well as lovely pieces of the 10th Birthday Cake.

Some people had a good look inside and outside the new bus, and then a couple of trips around North Berwick were made with a full load of passengers, including our MP, MSP and Provost. One of the passengers suggested a trip to Blackpool, but that was turned down in case the bus and passengers would be reported missing.


Videos (click on titles)

1. General View inside North Berwick Day Centre

2. Speech by Elma Danks, Chair of North Berwick Day Centre Management Committee

3. Speech by East Lothian Provost Ludovic Broun-Lindsay

4. Speech by Fiona O'Donnell - MP

5. Speech by Iain Gray - MSP

6. Speech by Sir Hew Hamilton-Dalrymple

7. Cutting the Cake at the North Berwick Day Centre

8. Looking at the new Day Centre Bus

9. The new Day Centre Bus taking visitors on a drive around North Berwick

10. Driving in the new North Berwick Day Centre Bus


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