Burns Lunches were arranged for Tuesday 20 January and Friday 23 January 2015 and Decorations were made on Monday 12 January. Here are a selection of pictures. Thanks to Bryan Ross and David MacAdam for addressing the Haggis at the lunches, and to the pipers.


Pictures of preparing the decorations on 12 January 2015

01 DSC0538602 DSC0538803 DSC0538904 DSC0539005 DSC0539106 DSC05395


Pictures of the Burns Lunch on Tuesday 20 January 2015

07 DSC0539908 DSC0540009 DSC0540110 DSC0540211 DSC0540312 DSC0540413 DSC0540514 DSC0540615 DSC0540716 DSC0540817 DSC05409


 Pictures of the Burns Lunch on Friday 23 January 2015

18 DSC0541219 DSC0541420 DSC0541621 DSC0541822 DSC0541923 DSC0542024 DSC0542125 DSC0542226 DSC0542327 DSC0542428 DSC0542629 DSC0542730 DSC0542831 DSC0542932 DSC0543133 DSC0543234 DSC05433

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