Here are pictures taking during the week Monday 27 July to Friday 31 July 2015 at the North Berwick Day Centre


Monday - Preparing Lunch and then Entertainment by Tony Smith

01 DSC0620402 DSC0620503 DSC0620605 DSC0621006 DSC06211

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - Birthdays

07 DSC0621508 DSC0621610 DSC0622111 DSC0622224 DSC0624525 DSC06246

Wednesday - Curling and Putting

09 DSC0621912 DSC0622413 DSC0622714 DSC0622915 DSC0623116 DSC0623217 DSC0623518 DSC0623719 DSC0623820 DSC06239

Thursday - Entertainment by Bill and Christine

21 DSC0624222 DSC0624323 DSC06244

Friday - Entertainment by Michael Patterson

26 DSC0624927 DSC0625028 DSC0625229 DSC0625330 DSC06254

The end of a busy week ......




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