Here is a selection of photographs taken at the Day Centre during January 2018

01 DSC0143602 DSC0143703 DSC0143804 DSC0144205 DSC0144306 DSC0144507 DSC0144808 DSC0145109 DSC0145210 DSC0145911 DSC0146212 DSC0146313 DSC0146414 DSC0147715 DSC0148116 DSC0148317 DSC0148418 DSC0148719 DSC0149020 DSC0149121 DSC0150122 DSC0150323 DSC0150424 DSC0150625 DSC0150726 DSC0150927 DSC0151028 DSC0152929 DSC0153230 DSC0153631 DSC01537

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