Here is a selection of Photographs taken at the Day Centre, and on day trips, during August 2019

01 DSC0407502 DSC0407803 DSC0408004 DSC0408105 DSC0408306 DSC0408408 DSC0408609 DSC0408710 DSC0408911 DSC0409212 DSC0409413 DSC0409514 DSC0409915 DSC0410016 DSC0410217 DSC0410618 DSC0410719 DSC0410920 DSC0411021 DSC0411522 DSC0411823 DSC0412124 DSC0412525 DSC0412926 DSC0413027 DSC0413228 DSC0413529 DSC0413630 DSC0413731 DSC0413832 DSC0413933 DSC0414234 DSC0414735 DSC0414836 DSC0415038 DSC0415339 DSC0415640 DSC0416041 DSC0416242 DSC0416443 DSC0416744 DSC0416945 DSC0417046 DSC0417447 DSC0417948 DSC0418149 DSC0418250 DSC0418351 DSC0418452 DSC0418553 DSC0418654 DSC0418755 DSC0418956 DSC0419057 DSC0419258 DSC0419459 DSC04197


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