Here is a selection of Photographs taken in December 2019. Santa and his helpers visited the Day Centre a Number of Times!

01 DSC0475202 DSC0475503 DSC0475704 DSC0475905 DSC0476206 DSC0477307 DSC0477608 DSC0478009 DSC0478210 DSC0478311 DSC0479112 DSC0479813 DSC0479914 DSC0480315 DSC0480416 DSC0480517 DSC0480618 DSC0481019 DSC0481220 DSC0481521 DSC0481822 DSC0481923 DSC0482224 DSC0482426 DSC0482725 DSC0482626 DSC0482727 DSC0483228 DSC0483629 DSC0484230 DSC0484331 DSC0484732 DSC0485133 DSC0485234 DSC0485735 DSC0485836 DSC0485937 DSC0486038 DSC0486139 DSC0486240 DSC0486341 DSC0486442 DSC0486643 DSC0486844 DSC0486945 DSC0487046 DSC0487247 DSC0487348 DSC0487549 DSC0487750 DSC0487851 DSC0487952 DSC0488053 DSC0488154 DSC0488255 DSC0488956 DSC0489157 DSC0489358 DSC0490559 DSC0490860 DSC0491061 DSC0491262 DSC0491363 DSC0491764 DSC0491965 DSC0492266 DSC0492467 DSC0495368 DSC0495769 DSC0495970 DSC0496171 DSC0496272 DSC0496473 DSC0496674 DSC0496775 DSC0496876 DSC0496977 DSC0497178 DSC0497279 DSC0497380 DSC0497481 DSC0497582 DSC0497683 DSC0497884 DSC0497985 DSC0498286 DSC0498487 DSC0499188 DSC0499489 DSC04995


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