Here are a selection of photographs taken of North Berwick Day Centre activities during July 2019.

01 DSC0390602 DSC0390803 DSC0391004 DSC0391106 DSC0392207 DSC0392309 DSC0393010 DSC0393311 DSC0393412 DSC0393813 DSC0393914 DSC0394015 DSC0394216 DSC0394417 DSC0394618 DSC0394819 DSC0395420 DSC0395822 DSC0396223 DSC0396324 DSC0396725 DSC0396926 DSC0397227 DSC0397428 DSC0397829 DSC0397930 DSC0398331 DSC0398432 DSC0398733 DSC0398934 DSC0399135 DSC0399336 DSC0399437 DSC0399638 DSC0400039 DSC0400141 DSC0400842 DSC0401043 DSC0401344 DSC0401445 DSC0401546 DSC0401647 DSC0401948 DSC0402049 DSC0402250 DSC0402451 DSC0402552 DSC0402653 DSC0402756 DSC0403157 DSC0403358 DSC0403659 DSC0403960 DSC0404161 DSC0404263 DSC0404564 DSC0405565 DSC0405666 DSC0406568 DSC04071

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