Celebration of the launch of JUST SING!

Live music, group singing, refreshments and free CDs

North Berwick Day Centre    Friday 4th October 2019

To listen to, or to download, the music on the CD visit https://www.justsingscotland.com/

JUST SING! is a professionally recorded album featuring six original songs written by the members of Dunbar and North Berwick Day Centres, East Lothian. This is a project that celebrates and showcases the innate creativity of older adults who are affected by loneliness and social isolation. The beauty of this project is that the lyrics AND melodies of these wonderful songs have been created by the members of the Day Centres. The songs have been recorded by professional musicians in the studio and the voices of the senior songwriters have been captured on location and woven into the record, bringing extra character and authenticity.

Looking to the future, the album will be a tool for encouraging professional musicians, educators, and health care providers across Scotland to engage older adults in songwriting as a way to unlock conversation, creativity and community.

Funded by Creative Scotland

Produced by Martha Middlemiss

Recorded by Garry Boyle                  Main Musician: Steph Macleod

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