Here is a selection of Photographs taken during February 2020

01 DSC0508102 DSC0508303 DSC0508404 DSC0508505 DSC0508606 DSC0508707 DSC0509208 DSC0509509 DSC0509710 DSC0509911 DSC0510012 DSC0510313 DSC0510414 DSC0510515 DSC0510916 DSC0511517 DSC0511618 DSC0511719 DSC0511820 DSC0511921 DSC0512022 DSC0512223 DSC0512624 DSC0513125 DSC0513326 DSC0513427 DSC0513728 DSC0513929 DSC0514030 DSC0514231 DSC0514532 DSC0514833 DSC0514934 DSC0515335 DSC0515436 DSC0515537 DSC0515738 DSC0515939 DSC0516040 DSC0516241 DSC0516442 DSC0516843 DSC0516944 DSC0517145 DSC0517246 DSC0517447 DSC0517548 DSC0518649 DSC0519250 DSC05194

51 DSC05200

52 DSC05202

The North Berwick Tuesday Walking Group visited the Day Centre and made a very generous donation of £475 to the Day Centre. The photograph below shows the walking group and the two photograph above shows Muriel Cochrane with Christine, speaking to the Day Centre members.

53 DSC0520454 DSC0520855 DSC0520956 DSC0521057 DSC0521158 DSC05212

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