Day Centre AGM - Monday 9 May 2016

The Day Centre held its AGM on Monday 9 May 2016. After the main business of the AGM, there was a facinating presentation by Dr Deborah Ritchie concerning concerning the Independent Facilitated Review of what our members think about the Day Centre. Dr Deborah Ritchie is a retired senior lecturer in Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh. She has published over 50 papers in public health and mental health. Volunteering to undertake the feedback exercise at the North Berwick Day Centre has been inspiring and rewarding. The work of the day centre is of a very high standard. Some important issues have emerged about the extent of loneliness experienced by older people in our community. Without the day centre some people wouldn't have any meaningful social contact

Dr Deborah Ritchie conducted the fieldwork for the review exercise and analysed the data. The report is written by the day centre and based on the presentation of the findings by Dr Ritchie.

It makes very powerful reading and serves to emphasise the important function that the Day Centre provides to our community.

Click here to read the full presentation given by Dr Deborah Ritchie

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