Christmas Dinner on Tuesday 20 December 2016, with the Special Visitor who came again with presents!

Music with Alec Hodgson

01 DSC0936502 DSC0936603 DSC0936704 DSC0936805 DSC0936906 DSC0937007 DSC0937108 DSC0937209 DSC0937310 DSC0937511 DSC0937712 DSC0937813 DSC0937914 DSC0938015 DSC0938116 DSC0938217 DSC0938318 DSC0938419 DSC0938520 DSC0938721 DSC0938822 DSC0939023 DSC0939124 DSC0939225 DSC0939326 DSC0939427 DSC0939528 DSC0939629 DSC0939830 DSC0939931 DSC09400

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